The initial START-UP fundraising campaign began in spring 2013.  Both capital grants and private benefactors will be important during this phase of development.  Funds will be allocated primarily to acquiring the main building and a dedicated research vessel.  A small percentage of funds will support conference attendance and similar outreach efforts to elicit institutional and federal support.  Alaska Whale Foundation is offering several donor-recognition opportunities, including building and vessel naming.  Please contact us for more details.  To make a tax-deductible financial contribution, please use our secure PAYPAL link on our 'Donate' page.

ON-GOING operating costs will be funded, in part, by private benefactors.  To keep costs low during the early growth phase, administrative and technical support will fall largely on the Alaska Whale Foundation team.  Additionally, AWF will contribute scientific equipment, small support vessels and educational material.  However, as the center grows facility use-fees will increasingly support seasonal salaries for dedicated employees, equipment acquisition, annual operating costs and continued expansion. Research vessel costs and captains fees will be supported through separate vessel use-fees.